Wednesday, 30 January 2013

want; black + gold

 AMAZON the goddess guide by giséle scanlon £8.96; TOPSHOP gold glitter nail wraps £5; TOPSHOP art deco make up bag £15; RIMMEL apocalips lip lacquer in nude eclipse £5.99; MANGO loose fit shirt £34.99; TOPSHOP crepe pinafore playsuit £42. 

Okay, I need this playsuit + I need it now! I initially was looking for a pinafore dress but came across this playsuit version + think it's so much cuter! I can see it being layered with so many things from cute shirts, like this ASOS double collar shirt, to plain tees to cute vintage blouses! I like this Mango shirt but need to see how sheer it is in real life! I can see pinafore's being big for spring so need to snap it up before they all sell out!

I've been on the hunt for cute books to scatter around my bedroom + I came across this "style bible". It claims to include; the do's and don'ts of shoes according to Christian Louboutin, buying jeans to lengthen your legs + how to sell clothes on eBay. I can't see it being a life changer but still a book with cute content + a pretty cover!

I think this wish-list looks a little festive, probably aided by these gold glitter nail wraps! I'm still to try out nail wraps but what better way to start than faking glitter polish which takes ages to dry +layer up! I know I've only just featured a new make-up bag but it's too big to take in my everyday handbag! This Topshop one on the other hand looks the perfect size; even if a cream make up bag is asking for a blusher explosion or eye-liner leakage! 

These Rimmel Apocalips are everywhere at the moment! Being hailed as the YSL Glossy Stain dupe, for six quid it's worth giving them a go right? I only tend to wear baby pink lips so none of the pink shades really caught my eye but from the colours available at the moment I think I may have to pick up the nude above and maybe Stellar + Big Bang.

Monday, 28 January 2013

soap & glory smoothie star body milk

SOAP & GLORY smoothie star body milk £10

I'm so fickle when it comes to keeping up a body moisturising routine; although I love the feel of hydrated skin, my pet peeve is having to hang around all sticky waiting for a thick body lotion to sink in, uchh! I received this for Christmas as part of the 'Best of All' gift set + so far it's my favourite product of the lot. Since it's packed with skin softening ingredients including cocoa butter, shea butter + coconut oil, it leaves skin feeling amazingly, silky smooth! The scent is absolutely delicious; I love anything sweet, so the almond, oat + brown sugar smell is perfect for me. The fragrance really lasts all day too which is another added bonus!

Beside the scent, the best thing about this product is that it truly does work! I have really dry skin + sometimes break out in dry, eczema-like patches on the joints of my arms + around my eyes. Smoothie Star is really gentle which is great for skin that can be a little bit sensitive as it doesn't cause a reaction in my skin whatsoever. My skin hasn't been this healthy in a long time which is a wonder, especially in these cold winter months. 

My personal favourite feature of this product has to be how it sinks into my skin rather than sit on top of it. This means it's perfect if you're; in a hurry, to use before a night out or if you're impatient like me + don't like to hang around! £10 is a pretty good price in my eyes as it's a pretty sizable bottle. The pump top also allows easy application + lets you dispense the amount you need which means you never really waste any. I will certainly re-purchase this when I've used it all up, love it!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

sunday post #024

lashes of london playsuit; new mindset; snow days; winter soup; play time; alice in wonderland choccywoccydoodah masterpiece.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

opi i think in pink

OPI i think in pink RRP £11

I don't know why this polish hasn't already been featured on my blog as it is one of my favourites by far! I bought this shade in the airport along with the OPI New York City Ballet Mini's on the way home from our holiday in Mexico. Though they didn't have the biggest selection of colours, they were only marked up as £5 so kind of kicking myself that I didn't buy a couple more. If I'm doing my nails for a night out, this is usually my go-to-colour as my typical outfit consists mainly of black with a bit of pink lippy, normally MAC Saint Germain or Loud Lips in Baby Doll.

This is a glossy, bubblegum pink shade that suits most skin tones. It applies smooth, even + basically flawless. It's a sheer, creme polish but builds up a nice density with two coats. The more layers you apply the brighter the polish gets, I've applied three in the image above. It has a gorgeous finish, it's super shiny with out using a top coat. Loveee it!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

tumblr tuesday's #001

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soap & glory peaches and clean deep cleansing milk

I hadn't really noticed, but I had gotten into a bit of a funk when it came to looking after my skin. I was using Lush Ultra Bland cleanser + N-Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser as a Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish replacement (not half as good or delicious smelling though!) but wasn't really enjoying it or seeing any benefits. With a combination of a rubbish diet + stress, my skin hasn't exactly been in good condition lately, boo. For some reason, being a newcomer to the wonder of Soap & Glory, I've always thought of them as a brand that produces artificial, synthetic, buy-it-for-the-brand-name-not-for-whats-in-the-bottle sorts of products, boy was I wrong, sorry S&G!

SOAP & GLORY peaches and clean deep cleansing milk £6

It's kind of given away in the name but this product smells like peaches! At first I wasn't really fond of the scent but it has grown on me, especially the kick of mint that you get after the peach smell, perfect for a wake-me-up on early mornings. The peach is also included as fruit acids are natural skin softeners as is Jojoba oil. I've been looking into buying a bottle of Jojoba oil from Holland & Barrett after reading somewhere about its multi-purpose moisturising qualities for skin + hair, so was pleased to see it on the list of ingredients. It also includes Detoxyboost Technology + Poreshrink R2 (?) which state to purify, clean + brighten. Big promises right there!
Though this is described as a cleansing milk, it has the consistency of a cream cleanser. It does however feel silkier on the skin, probably from the oil. I follow the suggested directions on the back of the bottle + find that one pump is all I need for a fresh face. It doesn't state whether to apply to dry or damp skin; I've been applying to dry, massaging in well + rinsing off with water. I have read that people also use it with a muslin cloth for a deeper clean! I've been using this product for around two weeks now + I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. Though not all my blemishes have cleared up (it would be a miracle product to sort out my skin in that time frame!), my skin is definitely brighter, softer + my pores on my nose are clearer.

I'm certainly converted to Soap & Glory skincare + just in time too as Boots have an offer on S&G skincare at the moment! I want to try a day and/or night cream + a deep scrub/mask. I'm trying to decide which would be best to try but I didn't quite realise how big their skincare line is! Face cream wise I like the look of the Clear Here Daily Moisture Lotion + Night In Shining Armour Night Cream (is 21 too young to be using a cream with anti-wrinkle properties?), and for the scrubs/masks I've looked at The Greatest Scrub of All Facial Smoother, The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel, The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Concentrated Cleansing Cream + No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask. Have you tried any of these? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, 21 January 2013

want; polka dot hearts

LASHES OF LONDON rizzo polka dot playsuit £49 £14.70; TOPSHOP enamel c initial ring £5; AMAZON love letters of great men by ursula doyle £6.99; TOPSHOP nails in milkshake £5; KURT GEIGER kutie black heart wedges £170.

I might of accidentally ordered this playsuit last night, oopsie! It's such a bargain being under £15. I've been loving the fifties style lately; I think it'll be perfect now to wear with/without tights for a night out + be very wearable come summer. I'm so happy with my bargain, I just hope it fits; I find garments with fitted busts are so awkward to buy without trying them on first! I've also been looking to pick up some dainty silver + gold rings, as the majority of the ones I have at the moment are too chunky. I love this cute initial Topshop ring!

After having a room sort out + spending a little too much of my spare time drooling over the shabby chic interiors featured on Amy's blog, Amy Antoinette, I want to pick up a few cute details for my room. This book has been in my Amazon basket for a while now (probably since I last watched the SATC movie!); as well as being a hopeless romantic + genuinely wanting to read this book, I think it'll look cute on my bedside cabinet/cube storage cabinet!

I haven't tried out any nail art in a while; I've seen the heart, oval nails popping up a bit lately + realllly want to give them a go! This pastel, pink Topshop shade will look super cute in this style! And finally look at those shoesss! Why do they have to be so expensive! I wonder how long it'll take before a cheaper dupe comes along hmm...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

snow weekend

Brrrr winters here eh? It started lightly snowing here Wednesday + carried on Thursday but nothing heavy. I was quite relieved as I went to London for the day Thursday with my University friends to source some fabrics ( I can't think of anything worse than being stuck on a Megabus for any longer than needed)! Come Friday morning, this is what we woke up to in snowy South Wales! I've seen so many photographs of people building snowmen + having snow ball fights but I'd rather stick to watching episodes of Freaky the Scary Snowman in the comfort of my cosy, warm house (preferably whilst wearing a onesie or wrapped in a duvet!)! I'm not exactly snow's biggest fan; sure it makes everything beautiful but it's still cold + wet!! Though I've got to admit, watching my little Bichon bounce around in snow up to her chin is both cute + amusing!

I'm glad I didn't have any plans for this weekend that would of needed me to leave the valley as there wasn't much chance of that happening! Friday night was spent with my boyfriend, sister + her boyfriend, watching movies, sipping snow chilled wine + enjoying a Mexican feast of my speciality dish, Aztec Pie. Saturday was a duvet day including Christmas chocolates + more movies due to not being able to make it into work. Last night we went to my friends engagement party where yet more wine was consumed, sore heads all around today! I'm lucky that I still have another week off University so don't have to worry about getting any where on these dangerous roads, especially with more snow to come, stay safe out there everyone!


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

look what i bought; winter sale buys

Honestly, I didn't make much of the boxing day sales this year, overall a bit disappointing really! Beside the fact I was spoilt rotten for Christmas; I didn't really need anything + wasn't wowed by much in the shops when they was being sold at full price. I did treat myself to a few bits + bobs though...

 LUSH 500g limited edition snow fairy shower gel £14.50 £5.13

The first thing I purchased in the sales this year was everybody's favourite festive shower gel, Snow Fairy! I actually ordered this as I was going to bed at 3am on Boxing Day after a boozy Christmas Day! I was a little alarmed when I checked my emails in the morning and had no recollection of my early morning spending but was quite relieved to see that I had been decently sensible given my intoxicated state! This is by far my favourite shower gel/scent/bath product ever! Someone always treats me to a little bottle each Christmas then I wait until the sale to stock back up on the bigger bottles. As much as I love it, £15 for a shower gel is obscene! By waiting a month or two it drops to a third of the price + I think it's safe to say my stash will last me until it's re-released for Christmas 2013!

 LUSH limited edition twilight shower gel £8.50 £4.25

I also picked up this medium sized bottle of the limited edition twilight shower gel. I mentioned on twitter a little while ago that I LOVE the smell of the Twilight Bath Bomb when someone tweeted me saying that they were releasing a Twilight shower gel! I didn't get chance to pick one up when they was in store so glad I got chance before they disappeared. I don't think it's quite the same fragrance as the bath bomb version, it's a lot more saturated + intense. You certainly get a kick of lavender so maybe the perfect shower gel to use to unwind or just before bed.

RIVER ISLAND najavo print wide scarf £18 £7

I wanted to buy this scarf earlier this year but never actually got around to picking it up. It's long + quite wide so you can really wrap yourself up in it. I love the way the colours + pattern looks when worn with a black leather biker + skinny jeans!

RIVER ISLAND black high waisted velvet shorts £25 £10 + gold pleated skirt £25

 I've been searching for the perfect pair of plain black shorts for some time now. When wearing separates for a night-out outfit, I tend to wear the wow part of the outfit on the bottom. As a result my wardrobe is lacking simple shorts + skirts that can be worn with patterned tops. These are such a flattering fit + are not too short like the majority of hot pants fit in stores at the moment. I'm still debating whether to keep this skirt or not; it's really pretty + only £10 but I'm wondering how much wear I'll actually get out of it! Hmm, what do you think?

RIVER ISLAND navy embellished collar shirt £35 £15

I bought this shirt for my mum for Christmas + couldn't help buying one for myself when I came across my size when tidying the sale. I love an embellished collar + although this is super blingy it looks really smart on. 

   MOTEL green sequin off the shoulder dress £45 £22;  

Finally, my motel dress; I wore this out NYE and had sooo many compliments! It's not really a dress you can wear for any occasion but I might hang on to it just in case another event does come along! The sleeves sit just off the shoulder which make it a little different to other sequin dresses in stores at the moment. Also it's really worth checking out the Motel sale if you're a student as you get a further 20%, some serious bargains to had girlies!

So these are my sale buys! I also picked up a burgundy and black patterned cardigan for £22 in the Urban Outfitters sale which I haven't featured but you'll hopefully see it in an outfit post soon! What did you make of the sales this year?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

what I got for christmas

I know this post is a little late (and a little long, you've been warned!) but I had so many lovely presents for Christmas it would be a shame not to share them with you guys! I can't believe we are almost half way through January, this year is whizzing by already! Another Christmas has passed us by and although I'm another year older, that hasn't stopped my wonderful family and boyfriend for spoiling me utterly rotten once again! I didn't ask for anything in particular, so I was really pleasantly surprised when I opened these goodies + they were all so perfect. With being so busy with university work I only really looked back through my presents late last week when I gave my room a good sort out. So here's a little selection of the gifts I received this year...
YANKEE CANDLE pink sands medium jar + snow flake shade and plate set; NEXT beaded light up wire love sign.

  To say that I'm obsessed with Yankee Candle would be a rather large understatement. I am such an old lady when it comes to things like candles + home decoration. I'm forever calling into my local garden centre to pick up some samplers with my sister (who I've also converted!). Although pink sands it's the strongest, it has to be one of my favourite Yankee scents; Yankee describe it as "an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla." but I smell sweet, watermelon! They also sell the shades and plates in the garden centre + I guess my parents caught onto me babbling on about them as my dad picked me up this cute, metalwork snowflake set! I love it, this is going to be my winter set then I'm hoping to get one like this for when it starts getting a bit warmer, I'm sad I know! This light up love sign is also a nice little addition to my room; I love switching on this sign + lighting a few candles to create the perfect snuggley film watching environment, especially with all this snow at the moment, nice and cosy!

SOAP & GLORY the best of all gift set

I was soooo excited when I opened this set! I've been dying to try out Soap & Glory for a while now but I've never really known where to start, problem solved! I've not tried out all of these products yet but I am LOVING the Smoothie Star body milk; it smells delicious, soaks in super fast + leaves my skin feeling amazing, new favourite! I think I'll probably review my favourites from this set when I've had a little more time to try them all out!

ENRAPTURE encode totem hair styler

Finally got my hands on this brilliant lil' hair styling tool! It's been doing the rounds in the blogosphere for a good year now but with my hair being medium length (just passing my shoulders) I wasn't quite sure whether it would work so well for me. I needn't worry as it's not failed me yet! I typically use my GHD's when curling my hair as normal curlers or wands tend to over-curl my shorter length hair. I don't have this problem at all with these due to the adjustable temperature, one word, brilliant!

LUSH christmas gift set, bubble beard & snow fairy shower gel

So, I think people are catching on to my Lush problem addiction! Snow Fairy is my number one favourite smell ever (as you will soon see in my winter sales haul!) so was super happy when I recieved these from David! I was given the Father Christmas Bath Ballistic on Christmas Eve for my Christmas bath (along with my magic pyjamas!) but otherwise I haven't tried any of the Lush Christmas collection. This gift set includes; Father Christmas Bath Ballistic, Cinders Bath Ballistic, Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic + one of my favourites Pheonix Rising Bath Ballistic, I'm sorted for the rest of January!

H&M black and stud handbag; PRIMARK chain print blouse.

I spotted this handbag when shopping with my mum just before Christmas. It turns out whilst I was in the changing room she snapped a picture and sent it to my boyfriend! Oh so very sneaky! The blouse is off my sister; I wouldn't of picked this up for myself but I wore it out boxing day with high waisted jeans + wedges and really like the way it looked.

RIVER ISLAND cream laser cut make-up bag; PACO RABBANE lady million.

I love this laser cut make-up bag; it's a little big to use as an everyday make-up bag but perfect to take away or just to look pretty on display in my bedroom! Lady Million is one of my all time favourite perfumes so this 50ml bottle was well appreciated.

PANDORA silver charm.

 My boyfriends parents bought me this Pandora bracelet and glass charmfor my 21st birthday and for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive this metal charm! I'm hoping to fill the rest with beads like this and this; they're so overpriced but the neutral colours + just the right amount of bling would mean I could really get my wear out of it as it would go with next to anything!

MICHAEL KORS gold watch.

And finally my baby! Would you just look at this beauty! I can't tell you how long I've been lusting after a Michael Kors watch! I was going to finally spend my birthday money on one of these but my boyfriend beat me to it! Utterly spoilt!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

sunday post #023

I'm finally a free woman wooo, well, for a week or so while my work gets graded! I had a few hand-ins earlier last week; my research book, competitions, three toiles, portfolio and critical paper, such a huge weight of stress shifted! For those interested I'm studying Fashion Design at Newport University, I'm in my third and final year so the work you can see above contributes to my final collection, eep so scary! I stuggled my through second year as I kind of lost my way and lost sight of who I am as a designer. The truth is I'm not really a crazy, contemporary designer; I can't see myself making wacky dresses made from meat or hair or perspex bubbles that produce steam or contain crazy electrics, but I've come to realise that that's okay. I'm more real, I like to think I can design beautiful garments for real women. My final collection is an evening wear collection inspired by the style + glamorous vibe of the 1920's, the focal point is manipulated lace which is inspired by ornate ceilings. Now that all this work has been handed in, when I go back I'll be concentrating on making my garments which I'm quite looking forward to!

These next two weeks are being dedicated to getting myself back to feeling like myself, I'm really no good when I'm stressed! I've already half de-cluttered my bedroom resulting in throwing away SEVEN bin bags of rubbish, crazy! Next on my to-do list is my wardrobe, horrible task!ha, once it's done I'm going to be listing a load of stuff on eBay so will link it up when I've gotten round to it! I might also do a sort of room tour post as my room is finally starting to look like I pictured it when I had it decorated almost 2 years ago! Other than that this week I plan on re-newing my gym membership, catching up with my friends and taking a trip to London to get my final fabrics! Ooh and of course getting back into blogging! I'm hoping to post on what I had for Christmas, my sale buys and maybe even give the layout a bit of a re-vamp, nice and fresh for a new year!