Monday, 28 January 2013

soap & glory smoothie star body milk

SOAP & GLORY smoothie star body milk £10

I'm so fickle when it comes to keeping up a body moisturising routine; although I love the feel of hydrated skin, my pet peeve is having to hang around all sticky waiting for a thick body lotion to sink in, uchh! I received this for Christmas as part of the 'Best of All' gift set + so far it's my favourite product of the lot. Since it's packed with skin softening ingredients including cocoa butter, shea butter + coconut oil, it leaves skin feeling amazingly, silky smooth! The scent is absolutely delicious; I love anything sweet, so the almond, oat + brown sugar smell is perfect for me. The fragrance really lasts all day too which is another added bonus!

Beside the scent, the best thing about this product is that it truly does work! I have really dry skin + sometimes break out in dry, eczema-like patches on the joints of my arms + around my eyes. Smoothie Star is really gentle which is great for skin that can be a little bit sensitive as it doesn't cause a reaction in my skin whatsoever. My skin hasn't been this healthy in a long time which is a wonder, especially in these cold winter months. 

My personal favourite feature of this product has to be how it sinks into my skin rather than sit on top of it. This means it's perfect if you're; in a hurry, to use before a night out or if you're impatient like me + don't like to hang around! £10 is a pretty good price in my eyes as it's a pretty sizable bottle. The pump top also allows easy application + lets you dispense the amount you need which means you never really waste any. I will certainly re-purchase this when I've used it all up, love it!


  1. I got this in the best of all set and have been loving it ever since too! It smells devine! xxx

  2. Is it weird that this LOOKS yummy? haha I love Soap and Glory stuff at the moment...never tried this though!

    Lulu -elyouelyou xx

  3. I love Soap and Glory products and especially love the big pump bottles they come in

    Alice x |

  4. I really must try to get a bottle of this! Every single review I've read says it's amazing! Your review was really good too, so thanks :)


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