Wednesday, 16 January 2013

look what i bought; winter sale buys

Honestly, I didn't make much of the boxing day sales this year, overall a bit disappointing really! Beside the fact I was spoilt rotten for Christmas; I didn't really need anything + wasn't wowed by much in the shops when they was being sold at full price. I did treat myself to a few bits + bobs though...

 LUSH 500g limited edition snow fairy shower gel £14.50 £5.13

The first thing I purchased in the sales this year was everybody's favourite festive shower gel, Snow Fairy! I actually ordered this as I was going to bed at 3am on Boxing Day after a boozy Christmas Day! I was a little alarmed when I checked my emails in the morning and had no recollection of my early morning spending but was quite relieved to see that I had been decently sensible given my intoxicated state! This is by far my favourite shower gel/scent/bath product ever! Someone always treats me to a little bottle each Christmas then I wait until the sale to stock back up on the bigger bottles. As much as I love it, £15 for a shower gel is obscene! By waiting a month or two it drops to a third of the price + I think it's safe to say my stash will last me until it's re-released for Christmas 2013!

 LUSH limited edition twilight shower gel £8.50 £4.25

I also picked up this medium sized bottle of the limited edition twilight shower gel. I mentioned on twitter a little while ago that I LOVE the smell of the Twilight Bath Bomb when someone tweeted me saying that they were releasing a Twilight shower gel! I didn't get chance to pick one up when they was in store so glad I got chance before they disappeared. I don't think it's quite the same fragrance as the bath bomb version, it's a lot more saturated + intense. You certainly get a kick of lavender so maybe the perfect shower gel to use to unwind or just before bed.

RIVER ISLAND najavo print wide scarf £18 £7

I wanted to buy this scarf earlier this year but never actually got around to picking it up. It's long + quite wide so you can really wrap yourself up in it. I love the way the colours + pattern looks when worn with a black leather biker + skinny jeans!

RIVER ISLAND black high waisted velvet shorts £25 £10 + gold pleated skirt £25

 I've been searching for the perfect pair of plain black shorts for some time now. When wearing separates for a night-out outfit, I tend to wear the wow part of the outfit on the bottom. As a result my wardrobe is lacking simple shorts + skirts that can be worn with patterned tops. These are such a flattering fit + are not too short like the majority of hot pants fit in stores at the moment. I'm still debating whether to keep this skirt or not; it's really pretty + only £10 but I'm wondering how much wear I'll actually get out of it! Hmm, what do you think?

RIVER ISLAND navy embellished collar shirt £35 £15

I bought this shirt for my mum for Christmas + couldn't help buying one for myself when I came across my size when tidying the sale. I love an embellished collar + although this is super blingy it looks really smart on. 

   MOTEL green sequin off the shoulder dress £45 £22;  

Finally, my motel dress; I wore this out NYE and had sooo many compliments! It's not really a dress you can wear for any occasion but I might hang on to it just in case another event does come along! The sleeves sit just off the shoulder which make it a little different to other sequin dresses in stores at the moment. Also it's really worth checking out the Motel sale if you're a student as you get a further 20%, some serious bargains to had girlies!

So these are my sale buys! I also picked up a burgundy and black patterned cardigan for £22 in the Urban Outfitters sale which I haven't featured but you'll hopefully see it in an outfit post soon! What did you make of the sales this year?


  1. Jealous of all your snow fairy, so cheap! x

    1. it was such a bargain! I do like a good lush sale, shame they only do it once a year, boo x

  2. I regret not picking something up from the Lush sale as I really have started to like it recently! I wasn't wowed by any of the sales either, I did get a cleanser I've been after for £24 instead of £34 though! You picked up some really lovely things - I especially love the River Island shirt!

    1. I was a bit like that! I only started using it about a year + half ago + now I'm totally hooked! I don't know why it was lacking this year! ooh it's great when you get a bargain! thank you(: x

  3. Great buys! I'm really kicking myself for not going to Lush in the sales this year, I usually pick up plenty of Snow Fairy :( xx

    Sarah @ xx

    1. the secret is definitely to do it online!ha, totally fuss free + a nice surprise when I woke up the next morning!ha x


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