Tuesday, 22 January 2013

soap & glory peaches and clean deep cleansing milk

I hadn't really noticed, but I had gotten into a bit of a funk when it came to looking after my skin. I was using Lush Ultra Bland cleanser + N-Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser as a Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish replacement (not half as good or delicious smelling though!) but wasn't really enjoying it or seeing any benefits. With a combination of a rubbish diet + stress, my skin hasn't exactly been in good condition lately, boo. For some reason, being a newcomer to the wonder of Soap & Glory, I've always thought of them as a brand that produces artificial, synthetic, buy-it-for-the-brand-name-not-for-whats-in-the-bottle sorts of products, boy was I wrong, sorry S&G!

SOAP & GLORY peaches and clean deep cleansing milk £6

It's kind of given away in the name but this product smells like peaches! At first I wasn't really fond of the scent but it has grown on me, especially the kick of mint that you get after the peach smell, perfect for a wake-me-up on early mornings. The peach is also included as fruit acids are natural skin softeners as is Jojoba oil. I've been looking into buying a bottle of Jojoba oil from Holland & Barrett after reading somewhere about its multi-purpose moisturising qualities for skin + hair, so was pleased to see it on the list of ingredients. It also includes Detoxyboost Technology + Poreshrink R2 (?) which state to purify, clean + brighten. Big promises right there!
Though this is described as a cleansing milk, it has the consistency of a cream cleanser. It does however feel silkier on the skin, probably from the oil. I follow the suggested directions on the back of the bottle + find that one pump is all I need for a fresh face. It doesn't state whether to apply to dry or damp skin; I've been applying to dry, massaging in well + rinsing off with water. I have read that people also use it with a muslin cloth for a deeper clean! I've been using this product for around two weeks now + I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. Though not all my blemishes have cleared up (it would be a miracle product to sort out my skin in that time frame!), my skin is definitely brighter, softer + my pores on my nose are clearer.

I'm certainly converted to Soap & Glory skincare + just in time too as Boots have an offer on S&G skincare at the moment! I want to try a day and/or night cream + a deep scrub/mask. I'm trying to decide which would be best to try but I didn't quite realise how big their skincare line is! Face cream wise I like the look of the Clear Here Daily Moisture Lotion + Night In Shining Armour Night Cream (is 21 too young to be using a cream with anti-wrinkle properties?), and for the scrubs/masks I've looked at The Greatest Scrub of All Facial Smoother, The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel, The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Concentrated Cleansing Cream + No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask. Have you tried any of these? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Soap&Glory is great, love the scent of this product x

  2. I had never really considered Soap & Glory as a facial skin care brand before, just thought they did nice smelling shower gels and some make-up! May have to give this cleanser a go as I love their packaging!

    1. yeah I didn't really click on either! it's decently priced + available at my local boots so thought it was worth a try(:x

  3. I'd really love to give this product a try - I really love the smell of peaches too!

    Alice x


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