Sunday, 20 November 2011


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I have a major girl crush on Fearne Cotton! I love her style + constantly envious of her hair; whether it be long and dip dyed or as it is now short and blonde. Her current style makes me want to give my hair the chop every time I see it, not good seeing as I've been trying to grow out a bob for over a year now. Also very jealous of the perfect blonde colouring, how I want to go back to being a true blondie! The thought of dark, depressing roots after only a fortnight is stopping me booking an appointment with the hairdressers, I'm currently feeling too lazy for the upkeep! There isn't much stopping me from cutting a few inches off my barnet though, hmm..

I'm so busy with university at the moment that I may be a little slack on the blogging front. Trying to keep on top of things but you know how it gets, everything catches up with you eventually! Roll on Christmas break!


  1. She's my hair envy too! I absolutely love her sleek bob

  2. I also envy her style! Those leopard heels are fab.

  3. i could not agree more! especially in the top left! so gorgeous


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