Wednesday, 16 November 2011


It's been a long old day but really wanted to blog so threw together this cream + gold wishlist. I know I work for River Island so may be a little bias but I think they have some great items in at the moment! The coat is so gorgeous + looks so cuddly! A nice new coat is top of my Christmas list; the only downside to this beauty is that it's wool + which means it's not waterproof which isn't the best in our Welsh weather! Minor detail which can be over looked as it's so prettyyy.

The Models Own trio is great value for money, will be buying this for a Christmas pressie if not for myself! The faux fur trimmed cardigan looks amazing on, just as lovely in grey too, want! The earrings are a little OTT for me but so epic I just had to share. I've been eyeing up the purse for a long time; perfect petite size + gorgeous gold embossing. Wow flew through them!ha..

As I mentioned before it's been a long day; I had a little moment earlier this week which made me want give myself a kick up the bum + in so many words, sort myself out! Since Monday I've nearly caught up with all my Uni' work, cleaned both my car + room, re-joined the gym and signed up for more hours at work! Although doing all that in the matter of three days sounds a little nightmare ish I feel, finally, like I'm getting back on top of things. Onward + upward now I say(:

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