Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Shirt - Republic, Lipstick - Look Beauty Baby Doll, Eyelashes - eBay

I won't pretend that I'm a true die hard Twilight fan; I didn't queue up to watch the film at midnight, I haven't actually read all the books and I've always thought of myself more as team Potter than Edward or Jacob! However something has come over me after watching all three films back to back over the weekend. It might be something to do with the amount of vino that was consumed whilst watching the films (just like to point out at this point that I wasn't alone, I forced my boyfriend to watch them with me! University is stressing me at the moment but I haven't resorted to staying in alone on a Saturday night in a dark room, watching romantic supernatural films with bottles of wine just yet!!) but I was totally absorbed! It was like I finally got what the big deal was, hurrah! My boyfriend even enjoyed it, although it killed him to admit it! 

Tonight my boyfriend and I went to watch the fourth instalment of the saga + I honestly felt like one of those squealing 14 year old girls! I won't give anything away just in case any of you are waiting to see it but it was AWESOME!! I literally can't wait a whole year for the final film): Tempted to read the books over Christmas but then I don't want to spoil my film experience as I have come about this the wrong away around!

Anyway, just a little picture of what I wore tonight. Not that you could tell if you saw me, I was layered under a scarf + a leather jacket (is it just me or are cinemas always freezing cold?!?)! Loving my new polka dot sleeveless shirt! Just going to give it a quick mention tonight as I'm hoping to feature it in an outfit post soon; was in a rush earlier as per usual so couldn't take any decent pictures! Also a quick mention to my fabulous eyelashes which worked out 10p a pair(!!!!) and my new favourite lipstick from Look Beauty, will post reviews for both of these later in the week! Wow I've rambled on tonight, will leave it at that before I bore you all to tears!

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  1. I'm loving the polka dot, I love that it's a big print too. I went to see Breaking Dawn last night, I must say it did get a bit gory towards the end haha


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