Friday, 25 November 2011

look beauty loud lips; baby doll

Look Beauty Loud Lips in Baby Doll

Whilst shopping in Cardiff the other weekend I had a little make up splurge in Superdrug + this Look Beauty lipstick was one of the things I picked up. I know there's a lot of Look Beauty reviews going around after the event but this was bought out of my own pennies(: I was looking for a pink to wear out with the girls that night + picked up this shade. The Ashley Isham print packaging caught my eye which I thought was very ~pretty~! I didn't like the lipstick packaging itself at first, I thought it was too chunky + cumbersome but I it is growing on me. I do like the magnetic closure but am slightly afraid that it will detach + I'll have a handbag covered in baby pink sludge (no accidents as of yet, touch wood!)!

The lipstick itself, I have no complaints; it's moisturising, easily buildable + the perfect baby pink! My new favourite lipstick that I've worn nearly every day + which you can kind of see in this post and probably many more to come! Would definitely recommend + think it's worth the £7 price tag! Gonna try to get my hands on another shade the next time I go to Cardiff shopping! Which is your favourite colour from the collection?

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  1. Lovely colour on you darling

    Eda ♥


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