Sunday, 19 February 2012


Valentine's roses - moonpig card making skills! - Presents from Swarovski - Current Lush favourites! - Outfit post from last week that I didn't end up posting - Strawberry Volvic is the one! - The boyf' getting his sleeve did - Can't beat a Domino's - Fugly peeping!

Wow this week has flown by! This post will probably seem a little mundane compared to all the bloggers that had the opportunity to go to LFW this week. I won't even try to deny it, I'm feeling VERY jealous!ha.. Me + some uni' friends were going to go up to London for Fashion Weekend but our plans didn't really come to anything + we have so much going on in uni' at the moment it's unreal! Hello stress, how I haven't missed you!ha..

It's been a quiet week with the exception of St Valentine's Day. My boyfriend certainly spoilt me! I was pretty smiley with just my bouquet of roses but he also gave me a gorgeous single rose, a super sparkly Swarovski ring AND cooked me a slap up meal that evening! Tha boy is whipped I think!ha.. I bought my Valentine's card from moonpig + will definitely be getting more cards from there in the future! They're reasonably priced + I love being able to add that little personal touch! Soppy!

I've also had a pretty quiet weekend. Last night consisted of a Domino's, Take Me Out, a Blockbuster DVD + a few bottles of bubbly wine! Sometimes you just need some downtime, which is why I've treated myself to my Sunday Lush ritual of a bubble bath + face mask followed by cuddling up in a freshly made bed, ahh perfect! I'm really loving my recent purchases from Lush + am planning on reviewing them this week now that I've had a chance to try them all out. My beauty spending is out of hand this month! No clothes have really caught my eye these past couple of weeks so I've been spending excess money that I don't really have on make up + beauty bits that I don't really need! No self control!ha.. I feel so rambley tonight, I will leave it at that before I talk you all to tears! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Love your ring ! xx

  2. Lovely post darling, and ouch! for you boyfriend getting his sleeve done! What a cute poochy you have by the way

    Eda ♥


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