Friday, 17 February 2012


This is my first purchase from the Topshop Nails collection + I must say I'm pretty pleased with this polish! They retail at £5 which is the same price as Models Own but the bottles are slightly smaller so you get less product for your money. Topshop describe this colour as an 'Iced Lilac' which I would agree with to a certain extent. I was actually expecting it to be more lilac in colour than it actually is; to me it is more of a dusky, pastel pink but I do love the colour all the same! 

I've been wearing this colour with the Technic Carnival polish on top (reviewed yesterday here) + have not taken it off since I bought it! I used two layers of polish in the photo's but can't really comment on how well it lasts as my natural nails don't like nail polish! They chip so easily no matter what base + top coat I use; it's been this way since I was young, anyone else have this problem or am I just a natural phenomenon?!ha.. It hasn't quite replaced Models Own in my heart but I will definitely be checking out the Topshop make up section when looking for a new nail varnish in the future!


  1. Such a beautiful colour. I found your blog through @starryeyedblogs So glad she reccommended you! :-) x

  2. I have this same colour and it's gorgeous :) x

  3. Such a pretty colour ! xx


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