Sunday, 12 December 2010

This Christmas will be, a very special Christmas for me...

So as promised, here is my Christmas wish-list! This list was hard for me to put together as a few weeks ago when people asked "What do you want for Christmas?" my genuine answer was nothing! I have had a job since I was 13 and haven't been out of work since! I started off as a paper girl (daily paper girl may I add), then got a job at my local rugby club behind the bar at the age of 16, then worked in a country pub from 17 as a waitress and barmaid and I started in River Island a few months ago! Being use to earning my own money I can treat myself throughout the year instead of waiting for Christmas like I did when I was younger. So after a long hard think and a serious on-line search I came up with a few things that would make me smile if received on Christmas day! I'm no way expecting them all but that's why the grandparents give you cash right?ha.
perfume wishlist
Perfume (L-R)
Calvin Klein - Euphoria
Paco Rabanne - Lady Million
Emporio Armani - Diamonds

I want all of these perfumes! I've liked 'Euphoria' for a while but always seem go for something different when it comes down to it. Would like to actually go for it this year though. I'm no perfume expert but apparently it has a floral scent with notes of black orchid, pomegranate and creamy accord which gives a sexy feel, liking it! 'Lady Million' was one of my presents for my birthday; I liked it in store and now love it! I wear it everyday and now my bottle is empty just in time for Christmas! This fragrance is also a floral scent with notes of orange, jasmine, raspberry and honey which gives a glamorous feel! I like wearing this perfume as I've had a few people come up to me and say "Mm, you're wearing Lady Million", a weird compliment but whatev's! Finally 'Diamonds' is my latest find, it's not a new fragrance but new to me! It's another floral scent (I think I must have a perfume type!) with notes of rose, lily of the valley, freesia, raspberry, vanilla and amber giving a elegant feel. I'd be happy with any of these perfumes!
christmas wishlist
Clothing (L-R)
Khaki Swing Coat - River Island £79.99
Denim A-Line Skirt - Topshop £34.99
Peter Pan Blouse - Newlook £19.99
Pink Cardigan - River Island £39.99
Worker Boots - River Island £64.99
Cream Snood - Dorothy Perkins £14.00

So these are the few pieces that I would like. I'm liking the layering look at the moment so these garments will fit nicely into my wardrobe! I love the colour and the fit of the swing coat and desperately need a nice warm winter coat! The a-line skirt has been on my wishlist for a while but I never see it in my local Topshop! I like the versitility of the peter pan blouse, it's easily dressed up and down which will come in handy over Christmas. I like the way that Lily, from LLYMLRS, styled the blouse in her recent outfit post! I tried on the cardigan the other day in work and I need it in my wardrobe! It's slouchy and cwtchy, basically perfect for winter! I liked worker boots since they came into shops at the start of the season but went for the heeled version instead; with the amount of ice we've been having lately I think it's wise to invest in a flat pair! The sandy colour of these boots will also match the majority of my clothes. I don't mind whether I have this particular snood or not but I want a neutral coloured one that will keep me nice and cosy!
Etc (L-R)
Gossip Girl Series Three
Cupcake Pin Pot - Ebay
Sex and the City 2

I struggled to think of presents that weren't items of clothing and at the present time, this is all I could think of! Gossip Girl season three to keep up with my addiction, a pin pot pincushion for my work and finally, a must, Sex and the City 2! Anyone else think of anything that I could of forgotten?


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