Wednesday, 8 December 2010

There's a limit to your love...

Today I have the day off uni' for 'independent study' and intended on doing my second outfit post. My camera however was accidently left in my mums car which put a stop to that idea! Was really looking forward to giving it another go but don't want to settle for iPhone standard images. Really I should be getting on with my essay or the research for my second project but instead I find myself watching Harry Potter and looking at yet more Christmas presents! I've bought a few already but the main ones are yet to be purchased! I would like to do a post to share what I've bought everyone but I have mentioned this blog to them and would ruin the surprise if they actually did have a look! I can say that one of the thing's I've ordered for my sister came today; I ordered it on ebay and it arrived in the classic small brown envelope but I was nicely surprised when this kitsch credit card sized parcel fell out from inside! 

You might be thinking; "get over it, it's a piece of cardboard and a length of wool!", I order most things on Ebay from China, I'm not used to this attention to detail! I'm sad, I know! I am putting together my own little Christmas wish list and will hopefully post it when I get home from work tonight. I say hopefully as I'm working until half nine on Wednesday evenings now due to late night shopping for Christmas, I don't mind the extra hour work but getting home at 10pm is a little lame! I also got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow; I get my project grade for that dress I made which I'm really excited/nervous about! I'm not expecting a high grade as we are being marked at a third year level, I just want a pass so I don't have to repeat this module in the summer! It's also my last day in uni' before I break up for four weeks for Christmas! When we come back in January we'll be in the brand new city campus, woo new irons!

Again I am sorry about the lack of outfit posts I'm doing! I'm hopeful that I'll be able to fit in a few each week once I break up from uni' so I'll fingers crossed get better and faster at them! I wanted to at least post some interesting images today so thought I'd share these beauties with you from two years ago! This was for my Textile AS exam piece; I looked at clothing from the 60's and used the inspiration to create a look that would suit today's fashion. Can you guess who was the target consumer of my design?

Dress - Local Charity Shop
Neck Piece Created By Hand Using Card and Sequins

Let me remind you this was two years ago around the time 'Poker Face' was released and people's love for the Gaga was just blossoming; before the 'little monsters' and the meat dress when she was a platinum blonde with a love for PVC and kooky glasses...

I have big love for Gaga through all of her looks but where has she gone lately? She needs to release another killer party track to complete the Christmas party season! 2008 was 'Poker Face', last year was 'Bad Romance', come on Gaga don't disappoint!



  1. Beautifull post! I’m new on blogger and your blog is awesome!! If you want to follow me I’ll follow you back :D xoxo

  2. WOW nice blog. i follow you now darling, hope you follow me too. <3 lots of love!

  3. aww you look stunning ! <3 love the make up :)

  4. Thank you(: ah me too, been on here nearing a month I think! It's addictive!♥

    Thank you♥

    Ah thanks, the aim was basically to find the biggest lashes I could!ha♥


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