Monday, 6 December 2010

Call me up, we'll hang out, I'm down for whatever...

Oh my gosh how cold is it out! Not liking this weather one bit! We've not only got to put up with the snow now, but snow, ice, frost and fog; REALLY?! I seriously wasn't made to live in Britain; we have at the most 2 months of summer and the rest of the year is spent with drizzly, cold, depressing weather. Definitely didn't win the postcode lottery! What I would do to live somewhere hot and tropical, someday aye!

Anyways, rant over! On the plus side, it's just over two weeks until Christmas Day! EEK! And being that close to Christmas means one thing; Christmas parties! I have two before Christmas, both next week! Hair and tan have both been booked but I can't find anything to wear! Is it just me or are Christmas party dresses a little below standard this year? A few months ago I could have found a million dresses I would kill to wear and now only a small few catch my eye. And that small few are sadly largely over priced!

The first night out is with my bf's mother, sister & a group of ladies. It's in a swish golf club and consists of a meal and a Take That tribute band! Might not be some peoples cup of tea but I'm really looking forward to it! The meal part of the night puts doubts into my mind about wearing a dress; a three course meal and a few bottles of wine = bloating, not sexy! I originally thought of wearing something like this;

Jumpsuit - £39.99
Demi Wedge Heels - £40
Clutch - £15
Ring - £14.99
All River Island (it was easier to get them all off the same site)

I tried on this jumpsuit when I went shopping on Friday and I'm not sure about it. I tried on a size ten; the bust was too small and the waist fitted. Ideally I need a size twelve for the bust and maybe an eight for the waist, so frustrating! Slim girls can be curvy too! I'm still debating on it but am looking for something else, it's difficult when you have a look in mind though! Anyone seen something similar or have any other suggestions?

The second night out is the day after for my friends 19th birthday. It's the usual trip to Cardiff so don't really want to buy a new outfit. I bought a pair of camel shorts from Miss Selfridge a few weeks ago and have been waiting for a chance to wear them! I intended on wearing them in the day but this cold weather has put me right off! I need a way to glam them up and spotted the same pair worn by presenter Caroline Flack on "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Now!" the other evening. You can kind of see how she wore them in this image. I like them with the black vest and messy hair but might team it with my black Newlook booties to make it more girls night out, what do you think?

NB. I will get hair like Caroline Flack, LOVE!



  1. Love those Miss Selfridge shorts you purchased, might have to go and get myself a pair of them too - they're perfect for a girlie night out...
    And completely agree about Caroline Flack's hair, ADORE it!
    Did a subtle ombre style in my hair the last time I went to the hairdressers, but think I want try something more similar to this next time! Just hope it won't be too severe on my hair.

    Dusky Musings

  2. I love those things!
    Nice Blog!
    Enjoy your day!

  3. A really nice collection of things.
    Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  4. Go for it(: they're so versatile, I'm too much of a baby to wear them in the cold though! Dream hair or what! Oh good luck, my hair isn't long enough naturally to get away with it!):♥

    Thanks both♥


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