Sunday, 19 December 2010

We met in the winter and we fell in love...

As this day has been passing by I have been feeling more and more Christmasy! I really cannot wait for the weekend now! The only thing putting a downer on my very positive mood is the thought of working. This week I am working Wednesday to Friday, yes Friday being Christmas Eve, I'm also working Boxing Day due to the sale and New Years day as it's my contracted shift. FML seriously like! Ah just gotta keep thinking about my January payslip I suppose!

Today being Sunday, the new UK number one single was announced. But today being the weekend before Christmas the single announced is Christmas number one! Well done to X-Factor winner Matt Cardle! Personally I prefer that original Biffy Clyro version but that only made it to number 8, boo! I'm just happy that Cage Against The Machine only made it to number 21! Number 3 is 'Surfin' Bird' by the Trashmen, I love 'Family Guy' so would have personally loved it if it was number one!

The photograph in this post was taken on Friday afternoon when I tenderly ventured to the supermarket with my boyfriend to stock up on hangover munchies. This is the pretty side to the snow I must admit! Otherwise I'm a complete snow-phobe! We're forecast another 5-10 cm's tomorrow so looks like we're in for a white Christmas whether I like it or not!

I need to try and make my way into town tomorrow to buy wrapping paper and one more present but the buses in my town cannot even get out of the depot so I'm in for a four mile stroll to the train station! Thank goodness for wellies is all I can say! I also need to exchange my boyfriends main present as it's scratched! (I can't reveal what it is in case a surprise is ruined!) It's such a big, awkward shape that there is no chance I could carry it! I hope I'm able to drive into Cardiff before it's too late! Has the snow effected any of your Christmas plans?



  1. thank goodness the bird song didnt make it to number 1! x


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