Saturday, 18 December 2010

Someday soon this will all be someone else's dream...

As promised here is the image of my party nails from my night out on Thursday! All I can say is a night of wine, sambucca and double vodka's, is not the answer! I forgot my camera but waiting for the others to post up some pictures on Facebook so I can nab them and post them up on here! I came home to my boyfriends house after the night out (as we live 11 miles apart and his house was closer) and I think he see's me in a different light now, sooo embarrasing! What a state to get into to aye! I woke up yesterday morning totally confused and with no idea that a serious amount of snow was settling outside! So feeling sorry for myself, I spent yesterday cwtched up in bed in my boyfriends hoody being totally spoilt and looked after as I was feeling the effects of the amount of alcohol that was consumed! All in all it was a good night though!aha.

I have only now managed to get home after my two night stay at Hotel Games! How bad is this snow? A lot worse than last time! I'm so glad I've basically finished Christmas shopping; I'm still waiting for a few parcels to arrive, fingers crossed they'll come before Christmas! Only one week to go, EEK! Well I'm going to try and find something to do tonight as cabin fever is setting in...



  1. Thanks guys! They were so easy to do and totally different to usual nude nails I wear, a nice surprising change!(:♥

  2. AMAZING nails!!
    absolutely love them!x


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