Monday, 14 February 2011

Because me love is guaranteed...

This weekend has been my favourite of 2011 so far! My boyfriend surprised with a night away, which is exactly what I/we needed! He didn't tell me where we were going until we were actually there (shows how good my directional skills are)! We ended up in the Malmaison in Birmingham, not for any particular reason but well worth the two hour drive! Firstly we paid the Bull Ring shopping a visit and did a bit of shopping before checking in the hotel. He had been saying to me all week that it was nothing special and blah blah blah but we checked into a suite and was greeted by champagne and strawberries so that was the second surprise! We then spent the evening drinking champagne and eating beautiful food! Then this morning we had our continental breakfast before heading to the spa (third surprise!) for a massage, facial and manicure! It was nice to just sit in the Jacuzzi and drink a little more champagne; perfection! It all feels a little surreal now as I'm home in my comfies watching Corrie! Went way too quick! Ah well back to reality aye, no more robes and fluffy slippers!


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