Sunday, 20 February 2011

But when you look at them and see that they're beautiful, that's how I feel about you...

Today I dragged my boyfriend to Roath Park in Cardiff to feed the swans. I really love this place! It was a little cold (even though I did attempt to wrap up warm for a change!) but I think a little fresh air to blow the cobwebs was needed. The only fresh air I've been getting lately is when I'm shopping or walking to my car! So bad! It was lovely to have a little stroll around the lake and feeding the ducks a discounted loaf from Asda's! It's even better here in the summer when the row boat are on the water and the rose gardens are in full bloom. Aw hurry up summer!

I'm back to university tomorrow after a brief week off. I'm looking forward to starting the new project properly but the thought of an early mornings and commuting back and forth is making me feel a little grumpy. Need to get back into the swing of things fast! And on that note I think I'll start as I mean to go on and grab an early night(:...

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