Friday, 4 February 2011

Stop hey! Don't walk away...

Blouse - Topshop via eBay
Trousers - River Island
Ring - Topshop
Hype on lookbook here!

I do apologise for the gap between outfit posts recently, I'm currently taking them in my living room with my camera balanced on the settee! It will be a lot easier when I have my bedroom redecorated (which hopefully will be soon!) which will make taking these photographs quicker and less awkward. So moving onto the outfit; this crochet tasseled waistcoat is my chosen transition garment for this season! It helps give this blouses, which I bought around September time on eBay, a 70's vibe which I mentioned about in the previous post. I love the trousers which I have paired with them; I would literally wear them all the time if I could! This outfit basically sums up my colour palette at the moment! I'm loving the nude, pastelly colours as I think they suit me. I then like giving the colours a bit of a kick by wearing a contrasting nail varnish or in this case the turquoise ring! 

I went to Cardiff last night on a night out (hence why I'm trying to disguise my hungover head in these photo's!). It was nice to have a laugh with the guys seems I'm getting stressed with my uni' deadline coming up and everything else that's going on! I also did something today which helped take my mind off things which was booking my next tattoo for the end of this month, scaaarily soon! I'm going now to dig out my welsh top for the rugby tonight; curry and men running around in shorts, why not!



  1. you are gorgeous! love your style!!

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  2. Thankyou for the follow honey :) just checked out your blog and love it! I'm following xox

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  4. Really cute outfit! Your hair looks lovely too! xx

  5. Thanks guys(: your comments mean a lot ♥


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