Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Boys will be boys...

The masculine trend has been a big one for the past couple of seasons and I'm really loving the different ways you can inject this feel into your own personal style. From coats to shirts to shoes; anything can have the borrowed from the boys look! Structured, clean cuts can add a masculine look with ease. This post I am going to focus on a certain item which seems to be a favourite, especially in the blogging community, the bow tie!

These girls pull off the masculine look with a sexy vibe. This is the way I'd like to try it as I don't think I have the look to pull off the quirky style that some people can. Street style isn't the only place I've taken inspiration from, celebrities also have their turn...

Rihanna was maybe the first celeb' that I've seen to work this look, and judging by the hair style it was maybe a year or two ago? The way that Fearne Cotton wears this trend may be my favourite; it just oozes cool and I like the way she uses jewellery to add a casual, indie element. I definitely will be trying out this trend sometime this week, so keep an eye out for an ootd!



  1. I am addicted to blazers. I have a couple that have structured shoulders, and I love the bold statement they give!


  2. wicked post
    alexa chung pulls off this boyish look as well ! xx

  3. Ah I only have casual blazers at the moment but there are some gorgeous smart, structured ones on the high street at the moment! Oh totally forgot about Alexa, good shout! xx


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