Thursday, 10 March 2011

You shine it when I'm alone...

As promised here is a selection of crop tops that are currently available in Republic. I'm a sucker for a crop as I live in high waisted jeans/trousers/shorts/skirts! I was going to do a lookbook style steal for this trend but there's just too many to look though! Instead here's a link for you to have a browse at your leisure! This may seem lazy but yet again it's approaching project deadline time and as we're currently doing a portfolio project I'm already spending the majority of my day on Photoshop, so putting together the style steal would be torture (drama queen!)! So tomorrow is my long awaited night out! I tried on all the Miss Selfridge dresses I mentioned in my previous post but none of them did anything for me! At lunch today I popped into Newport town and found a funky 80's/aztec skirt in H&M which is really growing on me! I bought it as it was a bargain £9.99 and brought it home to try on with a top and some heels and so glad I picked it up now! I'm normally in a mad rush before I go out but determined to squeeze in some outfit pic's to show you all my find! I'm off to Barbie-fy myself now, lavv ittt!

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