Tuesday, 22 March 2011

So boost me up my ladder kid and I'll boost you up yours...

I have been a busy girl the last couple of days, well busy seems it is my week off! My sister is a Performing Arts student and has a show coming up next week. So me being the fashion student have been roped into the role of her personal costume department! The performance is a mish-mash of musicals and I have been making the costume for the Chicago section. She is playing the role of Matron Mama Morton, the corrupt matron in the prison (I do love the film!). I've been making the dress for the song 'When You're Good to Mama' (image from particular song above!) . Now in the film, Queen Latifah wears a quite revealing, busty number, but personally I don't think remaking this dress would be the best decision seems it is a high school play! Instead I've made an evening style dress with a bit more of a conservative split. This is the dress so far...

Not the best photo' but the basic dress silhouette is finished, just a few finishing touches to add now. Maybe a feather boa or a feathered fan? A few sparkly beads, bit of lace and a little bling? I think it looks pretty dapper seems it only took me one day to make! Can't wait until it's finished now (and will share with you guys of course!), got a few more DIY ideas up my sleeve to try out before my week off is over! I've not long got home from the gym and aching already, an early night is defo' on the cards!


  1. You're so talented!

  2. When you say 'seems' do you mean 'seeing as'?

  3. Thank you, I'm starting to get more confident now! I made my first ever garment last November so big improvement!(:xx

    Um yeah I think so?ha, I haven't got the best grammar in all honesty, just type how I speak!aha. Will start to think more about it as of now(:xx


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