Thursday, 31 March 2011

I'd rather be with your friends mate, cause they are much fitter...

001 - Support act Brigitte Aphrodite . 002 - Kate Nash . 003 - Kate Nash . 004 - My cousin the drummer, me & the guitarist after the gig . 005 - Me & Kate (I wasn't ready for this photo' and my mum held the camera right up in my grill!) . Waiting for the others to upload the photo's to show you some better ones...

My cousin Fern studies music and kicks ass on the drums! She recently got the job as Kate Nash's new drummer on her current tour. We went along to The Globe in Cardiff to support her on her home town gig! It was AMAZING! I'm a major Kate Nash fan and listened to her album 'Made of Bricks' on loop when it was released a few years ago. The support act Brigitte Aphrodite was also really good, she has the same style as Kate where they both tell stories with their songs. I got stupidly excited when she sang 'Birds' and 'Mariella'! I was a total hipster after the gig and bought a vinyl (when I don't even have anything to play it on!). We then chatted with my cousin before she asked "Would you like to meet her?", I was a complete drip when Kate came over! I got completely star struck, even though she was so cool and down to earth, all I could do was giggle and asked her to sign the vinyl, cringe! I look awful in these photo's but I don't even care!ha. My hair was curled but it was sooo hot there that they just disappeared! I got some amazing video's so will edit this post with the youtube link when I get round to getting them up! I'm going to see Katy Perry tomorrow and can't wait! These photo's are in black & white as we were on a balcony and the lights messed with the colour, I am determined to get some colourful beauties tomorrow though!

EDIT: Here is the link to my personal youtube chanel, only one vid' on atm as it took me three hours to upload a five minute clip!?!? More to come though(:

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