Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hands up, we could go a little longer...

Tomorrow I'm going to Cardiff's Colour & Trend Event (will fill you in tomorrow with more details!). I have never been to anything like this before and am quite excited! Of course I have no idea what-so-ever of what I'm going to wear, will probably end up pulling apart my wardrobe when I get home from the gym to find something! The stress of being a girl aye! This clothes dilemma is not made easier by the fact that I haven't bought new clothes in about 2/3 weeks, a serious accomplishment for me! I'm dying to go on a major shopping spree but I don't think my bank account would ever forgive me, pay day seems to be taking foreverrrr this month! One thing that can help me make an outfit look good with out costing me any monies is a DIY manicure. I'm loving the whole nail art at the moment and since Wah-Nails posted their leopard print tutorial on tumblr the other day I've been dying to try it out. Now the tutorial just shows how to do the basic outline but I was after the more Lauren Conrad effect. I've shown a few steps of how I got this look...

I find it easier to paint the base whilst the nails are attached to the 'branches' as it keeps my hands free, I can then carry on with whatever and not have to worry about them smudging. I then painted little white spoldges onto the nails; I stuck the left hand nails on but kept the right together so I could use my right hand to paint them. Then I went around the white with a black nail art pen to create the leopard effect. Finally I applied a top coat, which I believe truly finishes off the design! My top coat has actually gone all thick which makes smudging happen quite easily, can anyone recommend a good one to try? Overall I think this is a good outcome for my first attempt! Just the outfit to plan out now!

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