Monday, 7 March 2011

I will get there, just remember I know...

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm going out on the town this Friday! This time last year this wouldn't have been a big deal but I hardly go out anymore, boo! So I've decided to make quite a big deal out of it and get fully glammed up! I've treated myself to some new extensions and invested in the Barry M crack effect nail varnish (post coming soon!). I intended on buying this beauty to complete my look;

When I first saw it there was 20% off for students and of course ASOS do free delivery so would have had this dress for a grand total of £36! But I put off buying it until payday which then the discount went down to ten percent! After spending the following day convincing myself to treat myself anyway, I went to buy it but of course it was out of stock! Argh so frustrating! So now I'm dressless with four days before we go out! I've been scouring the high street shops online as I don't want to chance buying from an online store and entrusting the delivery and it not coming in time! The ASOS dress was exactly what I wanted; girly yet sexy with a bit of colour (I usually tend to stick to black for nights out)! My runner up dresses from the high street are;

All from Miss Selfridge! And all a bit different from each other! I think I'll need to pop into Cardiff to have a look on Wednesday. I like the floral dress as it's girly and pretty but not sure if it's too blah for a night out? The second one is very sexy but I wanted a bit more colour. The third I like very much but is from the petite range so not sure if it'll be too short for me seems as I am 5'7! Why didn't I just order the ASOS dress in the first place!? If you guys like any in particular or know of any others you'd like to suggest, please help me!

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