Friday, 2 September 2011


Everybody knows that the best possible thing to find whilst having a sort is a bit of cash so imagine the smile on my face when I found this crisp £50 note! It was an 18th birthday present from a family friend & I can't believe I forgot about! It's my 20th birthday in two weeks time so that would make it two years that it has been collecting dust, crazy! If I was sensible I would tuck it away in the bank for emergencies or buy something practical like new car mats but who am I kidding! So after having a little think I need a little help deciding what I should spend it on, a little birthday present from me to me..
I currently share a Fujifilm Z30 with my family & it the perfect camera for nights out. It's compact, takes great pictures & the lens doesn't go in 'n' out which makes it harder to break when dropped (which it definitely a plus for me after a few cocktails!). You can get a perfect condition second hand Z20 on eBay for less than £50!

Total: £52.50

This is probably the most appealing option, I've gone completely make-up mad lately! I especially love the cosmetic bag, might have to treat myself to this whether I go for this option or not! The Topshop blush is such a gorgeous colour & heard nothing but good things about the gel liner. I'm still lusting after a MAC lipstick & this just seems like the perfect colour. My eyelash curlers have also had their day so this new MAC pair would top my make-up bag perfectly!

I managed to negotiate the freezing temperatures of last Christmas by wearing old coats & cardigans but this year I think it's time to invest in a gorgeous winter coat! This would probably be the most sensible thing to purchase & they just look so warm & cwtchy! 

There's probably another million & one combinations of what I could buy but these seem to be the ones that I keep going back to. So I'm putting it to you guys, what would you buy if you had £50 to burn?...


  1. I think I'd go for a coat, the two you've picked out are gorgeous, I especially love the Topshop one! There's nothing like having a coat that you really love, cos you'll be wearing it so much through winter :)

  2. definitely go for the coat, whilst i'm sure the make up is a more alluring option, think how youd feel with either choice in your hands, the makeup has less substance, it wouldnt feel like you'd got as much for your money!

    plus, a good coat will last forever and you'll get so much more wear out of it then say a lipstick, which you might quickly bore from x

  3. Most definitely the topshop coat! I was in a similar situation last October! The coat is more an investment and nothing beats getting the wear out of something that is so pretty!

  4. Thanks for your help girlies!:D coat it is then! get me to topshop!ha xx


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