Thursday, 8 September 2011


Avon Classic Fit & Sunbeam, Models Own Fuzzy Peach & Juicy Jewels, Beauty UK Jade, ELF Pearl & white nail art pen

Last night was supposed to be a girly, family night out in Cardiff at an Adele concert but as I was getting ready to head into town for pre drinks & a meal I noticed friends on Facebook saying that the concert had been cancelled. After ringing up the box office the worst had been confirmed. Devastated to say the least! We was all geared up for a night out by then so went to a local pub for curry club & a couple of bottles of wine instead. Not quite an Adele concert but was still a pretty fun night! At least the concert is being rescheduled & I hope she feels better soon!(:

Now on to the nails! As I mentioned I was half ready by the time the cancellation was announced which included my new spacey nails! I tried them out as an experiment & didn't expect to like them (I've said in the past in a pastel girl!) but they're definitely my favourite nail art attempt as of yet! I've had so many compliments about them; even the girl who served me in H&M this morning squeezed in a 'I love your nails btw' as I was paying, result! Will definitely be rocking this look more often...


  1. Love your galaxy nails! I wish I could do them I've watched tutorials and it looks quite difficult x

  2. Those nails are fabulous, seen a few lovelies posting about space/galaxy nails but I have to say yours by far are the best.

    Sorry to hear the Adele concert was cancelled, I love her and her voice.
    Sounds like you still had a fun night out - nothing like a curry and a good glass of wino!

    Eda ♥

  3. I LOVE these nails. Amazing, amazing! I don't know if I'd have the patience to do them!xoxo

  4. WOOOOW!!
    One word: fabulous! :)
    Your nails are absolutely amazing!

    And I really like your blog...wanna follow each other?;)




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