Thursday, 15 September 2011

GO, GO...

I apologise for my inconsistent blogging this week & I suppose for the next week or two to come! I've had nothing to do all summer & now it's all go, go, go! Do you find that things always seem to happen this way; all or nothing?! Kinda gutted as I think I've recently I think I was getting into a pretty good blogging routine, oh well that's life I suppose! My excuse this week is that it's my mums birthday Tuesday & mine Saturday, which equals double birthday celebrations! We literally have 4 days of partying planned; we're going for a meal tonight, an open mic' night Friday, my Birthday night out Saturday (WOOP!) & determined to go bowling Sunday (random I know!). This week is being spent getting everything ready for Saturday; music, outfit, decorations & most importantly drinking games! I have a box of tricks in my room & the image above is a few of the items from it, very neon! I am super excited like you wouldn't believe, just hope everything goes to plan now!

Along with sorting out my birthday I'm also going on holidays a week Saturday so need to sort out a million things for this too! I'm kinda stressed as I'm a major faffer & will not be able to rest unless I've made hundreds of lists which kind of calms me down! I also enrol back to uni' next week which will add another lump to my already full plate! Just need to keep thinking it'll all be worth it when I'm chilling next to the pool with an alcoholic beverage & a good book mmmm...

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  1. I know the feeling, I'm moving up to uni AND my parents (who I live with when not at uni) are moving house, plus I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so v. stressed, and I HAVE to make lists too haha! Have a lovely birthday and holiday :)


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