Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It's safe to say that I was truly spoilt this year (as always!) so kinda excited to share my new goodies with you...

Fujifilm Finepix Z900EXR - From The Boyfriend
(The photo's I took of the camera didn't do it any justice so pinched one off the website instead!)

I guess that if you moan all the time about wanting something people do actually listen! I've been trying to buy a Finepix second hand on eBay for a while now so that it came in time for my holiday (three days!!). I was really not expecting a camera at all let alone the latest model! I've ordered a nice big memory card from Amazon so that I can take lots of cool pictures with the new settings, EEE! I am struggling to find a camera case that isn't an ugly monstrosity though! The best I've found so far are these two by Acme Made, any of you know of any other cool camera case brands?

Diesel Loverdose Perfume - From The Parents

Gorgeous night time perfume in an amaze bottle! Love the smell of this!

Owl Necklace & Key Ring 

 Gossip Girl Season 4 & Velcro Rollers

A bit of girly glam!

Box of Sweets - From The Sister

This was a surprise present & totally up my street! I have a major sweet tooth so have been tucking into this box at night whilst watching my Gossip Girl Boxset! Love the vintage-esque box it came in too. Will definitely find a way to recycle this once all the sweeties have been eaten! 

Also I had some alcohol (Raspberry Sours, NOM!), a cream wire pot for my make-up brushes, bits for my birthday night out (eyelashes & glue, earrings, hair glitter, etc.), Just Dance 2 & will be picking up a full length mirror for my bedroom. I also had money & gift vouchers from my family which will of course be spent wisely(; I feel utterly spoilt! Time to get back to sorting out the iPod, one of many things to do in prep' for Saturday eeee...


  1. You should definitely look on Etsy for a camera case. My mum got one and it was a hand made one from adorable floral fabric. You can choose the fabric too, there's some amazing ones on there and they can be made to fit perfectly to your camera!

  2. Wow you did really well! I love the sweet box :) xx


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