Monday, 5 September 2011


So it's my birthday on September 17th & my family and friends keep telling me that I'm hard to buy for! Now I know I do countless wish-lists on here but when it comes to birthdays I never ask for anything. I much prefer the family side to birthdays; I'd choose a nice meal with the family and a night out with friends over the whole materialistic side any day. But with them moaning at me I had a little think & there's a few little gifts that I'd be more than happy to recieve...

MAC Turquatic 50ml £36 & Paco Rabanne Lady Million 50ml £46

I'm desperate for new perfume & Lady Million is maybe my favourite fragrance ever! I've been dying to try MAC Turquatic for a while & was really disappointed when I checked the website the other week & it said discontinued. But now it's back with a new look & a bigger bottle just in time for my birthday, fate!

Nothing like some Lush goodies! Would be lovely to treat my face to TLC with the handmade cleanser & face mask, they look gorgeous! But of course you can never go wrong with a good old gift set(;
Just Dance Wii £12.91
Beyonce 4 £7.49

If you haven't played 'Just Dance' before you're missing out big time! We decided as a family to treat ourselves to a wii & I'm picking it up later, excited! It came with Zumba & Mario Karts so Just Dance is needed to get the party started! There's no need to explain my want for '4', B is amazinggg! I'm Gossip Girl mad so need season 4 to keep my collection up to date!

I personally love the Disney Couture collections! The 'Disney' label might make it seem a little childish/tacky but the few that I've chosen would just look like usual jewellery to a passer-by! I like the fact that they secretly link in with your childhood. I'd definitely wear the watch necklace & skull ring, gorgeous! I had to show the bottle necklace as it's just amazing, but may be a little tricky to wear depending on the size.

Marc Jacobs Warp Ikat iPhone 4 Case £24.33
Studded Peep Toes £65
Mulberry Bayswater $1,050
A First Class Around the World Ticket 

So I kind of got a little carried away with the final special gifts part! This is the 'ultimate' birthday wish-list so had to go to town a little!(; Lately I've really been fancying the whole idea of traveling & seeing the world, obviously I had to go all out with the first class ticket!ha. The Bayswater is purely there for a LOL, it is my goal in life to own a Mulberry bag, keep dreaming kid!ha. Back to reality & into my price range, the Marc Jacobs phone case. Designer label at a high street price, what's not to love? The phone case is gorgeous & totally my style, surely my iPhone deserves a sweet case like this! Now the River Island shoes; I don't think I can quite express my love for these enough, I try them on every time I go into work, I need them in my life!

I kind of went to town on this wish list didn't I?! Some are there purely for lust purposes & others are a little more practical! All in all I think my goal has been completed & I surely have given my folks some food for thought(;...

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