Sunday, 16 January 2011

We're dancing like we're dumb, our bodies going numb...

Last night I went to Tiger Tiger for the first time on a night out! It had a really good night and tried something new with my outfit as well. I did, as predicted, buy something new to wear but it was in the sale so I think I get an A for effort! My style inspiration for my Saturday night look was inspired by Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey (not to be confused with actress Taylor Momsen who plays the part, who's fashion choices leave little to the imagination!). I was watching Gossip Girl one evening last week and one 'Jenny Humphrey' look in particular caught my eye from the 'Hurt Locket' episode...

I love everything; the blonde up-do, the shimmery, smokey eyes and the way that the pink lips pop against the sheer, black of the dress. I didn't have time to take any proper photo's of my outfit but a few have appeared on Facebook so here is my interpretation...

(This is after we starting on the jugs of sex on the beach, hence the thumb orb in the top right corner!)

The dress was in the River Island sale and I got it for £15! It had a few buttons going down the front so I quickly unpicked them before leaving. I don't really do dangly earring's and these feathered ones are my only pair! I might do an outfit post in the week to show it off properly as I think it worked really well!  I have a serious crush on Jenny's style, going to watch some more Gossip Girl episodes to get more inspiration (any excuse aye!)...


P.S. I love the song which I've titled this post with, (Ke$ha - We R Who We R) serious party tune!

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  1. You look gorgeous darling, love the makeup, Jenny's character looks beautiful in those photographs above. Hope you had a fun time in Tiger Tiger, I must go to the on in Leeds soon ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥


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