Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I ain't meant to be here, I'm meant to be free...

A short and sweet post for today which will be made up for tomorrow, I promise. I've spent basically the whole day sorting out my university work, as you can see from the photographs above, (just a quick apology for the poor quality photographs, I took them on the iPhone quick being lazy and editing them was the only answer!) I've been trying to make a proper start on my essay, I'm now 1,300 words down! Hence the reason why my heart isn't in writing my usual lengthy post. It took a serious amount of effort and concentration but it's done now.  I was a bit panicky yesterday about the amount of work that had built up but all that I needed to do was take a step back and get myself organised. Back on track now, I think! I've also got the hang of using Adobe Illustrator, well kind of! I can actually draw a shape that somewhat resembles a fashion figure, now just to learn how to draw garments! Why I left it until the week before I start back I will never know, or probably never learn! 

As I mentioned I'm still to make an official start to my new practical project so have arranged to pay Cardiff Museum a visit on Thursday with the boyfriend. I'm stuck between looking at flowers or minerals for inspiration! I don't really want to look at flowers because I do bore of them easily and tend to turn to them as they're easy, so I'm hoping that the 'Crystals and Minerals of Wales' exhibit inspires me enough to stray from my bad habit! Our project is all about hidden beauty so also have to look inside of vintage clothing to see if we can find any hidden and forgotten garment construction techniques. I'm yet to find anything inspirational as of yet but am visiting London on the 18th January so Brick Lane will be hit hard! I'm happy that I'm now starting to get interested in my work again as I was so totally wiped out from my last project at the end of the Christmas term. I'm not exactly feeling refreshed as I have a bit of flu but I certainly feel better about my next project! Anyone else getting back into uni' mode after a long Christmas break?


P.S. I've started making links at the side of my blog so that you can follow my twitter, contact me via formspring, email, etc - hope they help!(:


  1. pattern cutting was a fave of mine at uni! :) sounds like youre gonna be a busy busy gal! Glad youre feeling motivated, its nice to kick start the year with a clean slate and take on whatever uni throws at ya. I'm a new follower btw :) hi! xx

  2. Oh I did enjoy learning that too! What course are you doing?(: I know! I'm excited and dreading it at the same time!aha. So true!(: Oh hi, thanks for the follow(: I'll be sure to check your blog out!♥


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