Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I know I need this sweet sensation...

1. Goldhawk Road tube station   2. Rolls of fabric in one of the many stores   3. Passing Liberty   4.Reels of hooks and eyes in Kleins   5. Reels of cotton in D.M. Buttons   6. Tower Bridge   7. Outside the Design Museum

Sorry for being a bit MIA the past couple of days, things have been not stop! Yesterday I paid little ol' London town a visit with the uni' guys to buy fabrics and trimmings for our current project. We firstly visited Goldhawk Road where there is at least 10 fabric shops which line either side of the road, they all compete with each other for the best priced cloth which helps when looking for a bargain! Sadly I couldn't find any silver fabrics which match my brief so left there empty handed. We then made our way to Berwick Street (where we passed Liberty and...) where my search improved; I found silver bias binding and other detailing which will fit in with my designs perfectly. In search of more trimmings, we came across a hidden workshop which I managed to buy some bespoke shoulder pads! With the shopping done we made our way to the Design Museum over Tower Bridge to see the fashion illustration exhibit. It was hard work fitting all that in to the six hours we had in London but was definitely worth it! Today I am completely wiped out! I spent all of this morning sat in the doctor's waiting room and now I am going to try and finish off my essay before work this evening, on a bit of a downer compared to yesterday!


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