Friday, 14 January 2011

'Cause everyday ought to be a bad day for you...

Okay so I just impulse bought a tailors dummy. Not your usual impulse buy but I've been lusting after one for a while. I bought a bit of a bargain basement one off eBay for £42 (the ones I have been looking at have ranged from £370-£900!), the measurements are a few inches bigger than the ones we use in university but I'm sure it'll come in handy seems our project has to be in three weeks Monday! I was aiming to load up an outfit post today but I had a spray tan earlier and am all tacky, ergh! Love having an all over tan though as I'm usually lazy and just put some on my face, chest and arms (shame!). I'm having another quiet Friday night in but tomorrow night I'm going to Tiger Tiger where we have our own room booked out with karaoke and our own private dance floor (check us)! Dilemma time, I don't know what to wear! I didn't want to buy a new outfit as I have loads of going out clothes that I've worn once, I think it's time to raid the wardrobe and style something old to look like something new. I think that's wishful thinking as I'll more than likely splurge on something new tomorrow after work, I have no will power when it comes to to shopping! The two photo's in this post are the shoe's that I mostly wear on a night out (they're in black and white as the light in my bedroom isn't the best and made the shoe's look horrible!). I got a thing for big heels but as I'm 5'7 I usually tower above my friends! I haven't been to Tiger Tiger before and am not entirely sure what is the standard dress code? Any experienced Tigers that would like to share their wisdom?



  1. the shoes all look like pairs i would love to own, but im 5'7 too and so i rarely wear high heels.
    the tailors dummy does sound like a bargain, by friend spent a stupid amount on one when she was studying fashion x

  2. I love my super high heels!ha. It's arrived now(: It isn't the same quality as the ones we have in university but for £42 it's definitely worth it!(:♥


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