Monday, 10 January 2011

In such an ugly world, something so beautiful...

Today was the first day of Spring term in University. Man am I glad to be back! I realised I got seriously lazy over Christmas, okay yes I made a big dent in my essay but it doesn't compare to being in full swing going to lectures, attending technical demonstrations, etc. Today was also the first day in our new city centre campus, I looove it! It's modern, new and actually feels like an university compare to the old, dingy campus we were in in Allt-Yr-Yn. I didn't take any photo's of the building itself but snapped a few pic's from the draping session we did. We had one meter of calico material to play with and to try and make a draped garment. This is my first attempt at this technique so be nice...

Attempt One - Cowl neck dress - Didn't really know what I was doing so just had a go of pining the material to the dummy!
Attempt Two - Sweetheart neckline dress - I pleated the sweetheart shape and liked the effect it produced, this shape is a little too classic though and I think I will develop this technique to something more interesting.
(As you can see in the background we are on the top floor of the open plan building and have a lovely view of the river!)

The pleated bust up close.
The pleated bust with the top un-pined, I liked this at first then decided it look too much like a mermaid dress or something!

Second attempt at the pleated bust

So this is as far as I got in the session and I'm liking the way it's going! I feel a little weird posting my work on here as it is personal, well personal in a different way to my outfit posts. Just wanted to share today's work with you guys as I'm excited to get back into it! Might wait until I've got a final design and a finished toile before I post about it again? Anyways, what do you think so far?



  1. Ooo I love it ♥ I think the finished piece could be just lovely darling!
    Is it hard to sew? I want to start now I have saturdays free, how can I learn?

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. Thanks! I hope so!ha. Um yes and no, there's a lot of techniques to learn when making clothes. I definitely suggest a class if there's any in your local area?♥


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