Thursday, 6 January 2011

Are you free or are you tied up?...

Maxi Dress - River Island
Leather Jacket - River Island
Necklace - eBay

Two outfit posts in a row, wow I'm on a roll! I've been wanting to wear this dress for a while and only now got around to it! I bought it in the last River Island sale when every price was halved, I think it cost me around £4! It has long sleeves (forgot to take a piccy without the jacket sorry!) and just touches the floor. The jacket is also River Island. It's originally an aviator flight jacket but the shearling collar unbuttons which makes it like two jackets in one! The necklace was an impulse eBay purchase! The feathers are longer than I thought they'd be but I still like that it's so quirky! (My love for feathers and owls making an appearance again!) Got myself a nice set of love handles in the second pose, that's an end to the mince pies I think!ha.

Today I dragged my boyfriend to Cardiff Museum to check out the mineral and crystal exhibition. I got some good photo's and definitely found my inspiration, yay! Just got to sort though them all now, will share them with you guys if I come across any particularly interesting ones. Being in Cardiff without being able to shop was torture! I get paid tomorrow and my student loan goes in on Monday so this week has been the skintest ever! There are a few new pieces in the shops at the moment that I am dying to get my hands on. I have Wednesdays off so am planing on going shopping then, might do a wishlist before then to share with you what I'm hoping to buy but we'll see! I promised myself that I won't go shopping mad when my loan goes in as I did go a little crazy last time! Just want to pick up a few key pieces that will mix into my wardrobe easily! Anyone seen anything in the shops at the moment that have caught your eye?


P.S. A little note again to say that this outfit is also on lookbook!


  1. I Love this look :)
    Id really appreciate if you could check my blog out as im new and maybe follow me :) i will surely follow you as well!

    Thanks suzin

  2. your necklace is lovely!!! :) x

  3. Thank you!(: will do♥

    Thanks! The fact it was a bargain makes it nicer!ha♥


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