Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Every time you lose it sing it for the world...

I intended on posting this last night but my internet was down, grr! I had to post it now as I'm off shopping in five minutes (I'm no where near ready and on here, whoops!) to hopefully get my first haul of 2011. I posted this before I went shopping as I just wanted to show you my Polyvore collage before I went. I've re-edited this post now to explain why I want these pieces...

1. Turquoise Branch Claw Ring - Topshop, £10 - I have a thing for statement rings and the colour of the stone in this ring is just awesome! I will get a ring this colour be it from Topshop or not! 2. White Silk Military Pocket Shirt - Topshop, £45 - The fashion forecasts for Spring 2011 state that the white shirt will be the must have garment. I like this Topshop one as it has the long sleeves, crisp collar and the pocket detail which is set to be the trend for the coming season. 3. Black Feather Trilby Hat - Topshop, £25 - Hats have been 'in' for a while but I'm not really a hat person, I feel a bit awkward looking in them! I'm determined to defeat this obstacle this month and invest in a trilby or bowler hat! 4. Light Brown Tassel Loafers - River Island, £29.99 - It's time to step away from winter boots and slowly transition into something different. I think these loafers do it for me! 5. Khaki Jumpsuit - River Island, £44.99 - I vowed not to buy another playsuit/jumpsuit after the nightmares over Christmas of having to try and get in and out of them when needing the toilet on a night out! This one however may be an exception! I love the colour, the cut and that it fits just above the ankle, want! 6. Tobacco Knitted Turban Headband - ASOS, £10 - I love these little knitted headbands and the colour of this is just gorgeous. Just hope they suit my face shape! 7. Leopard Print Bow Shift Dress - River Island, £39.99 - On the website this dress is organised in the day-dress section but I want this for a night out! I think the shape would be flattering and it would be different to what most people would be wearing. 8. Leopard Print Tassel Loafer - River Island, £36.99 - These loafers would be an alternative to the tan coloured ones. I like that they are casual and would go with most outfits! 9. Light Terracotta Jacket - H&M, £29.99 - I really want a blazer but think it would be tempting fate buying one as it's still freezing cold in Wales at the moment. I would like one in black to wear on nights out and this colour for the day time. 10. Beige Lock Stitch Purse - River Island, £16.99 - I am in desperate need for a new purse as I've had the one I got for a longgg time now! I like most purses they have in River Island so would be happy with any actually! 11. Khaki Slouchy Tee - Miss Selfridge, £16 - I need tops like this to add to my wardrobe as I've been buying a lot of trousers, skirts and shorts lately and need basic tee's to wear them with. I think this colour could be worn with a lot of my clothes.

My wardrobe for 2011 will consist of; tailored piece's such as shirts, blazers and trousers, pastel colours particularly mint and light terracotta and womanly pieces including long skirts and detailed with lace, tassels and ruffles. Pfft I wish aye!


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