Friday, 28 January 2011

Looks are deceiving making me believe it...

(apologise for the black and grey photo's, want to keep the items a secret for future posts!)

Since I had the second instalment of my student loan at the beginning of January I've been really good and hardly touched it, except for the necessities like petrol and parking. This all changed today. Me, my mum and sister had a bit of a family shopping trip to Cardiff and it was quiet sucessful in my eyes! I scoured the internet last night and found a few things that I really wanted but resigned to the fact that I either wouldn't be able to find them or they wouldn't be in my size, but for a change my luck was in! This resulted in me having quite the hoard when I intended on just window shopping, it's the way it always goes isn't it! I also received my elf order! This is the first time I've ordered off this site and with such good prices I hope the products live up to my expectations! I'm excited to share these new goodies with you via outfit posts and reviews (yay the blogging might start picking up again!), after I have a nice chilled out weekend of course!



  1. Ooo you deserve to treat yourself lovely, hell i did today ♥
    Have a wonderful weekend flower!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. Oh I love it when you go shopping and everything you want is there!! Its obviously a sign to go spend a fortune xxx


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