Thursday, 13 January 2011

Remember when you were young, you'd lose yourself...

Headband - Newlook
Cardigan - River Island
Vest - Topshop
Necklace - eBay
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

This is what I wore to uni' today! The photo's are a little worse than usual sorry, I don't know why, might be because I'm soooo tired (Excuses, excuses aye!)! I haven't really worn anything like this to university before, I usually stick to skinny jeans, ankle boots and a cardi'. However this was a nice change! I bought the headband yesterday on my shopping trip (one of the only things I bought but we'll get onto that!), it's from New Look and a bit of a bargain at £2.99! The cardi' and vest are kind of my old faithfuls, they're easy to just chuck on and go with so many things! The trousers are one of my sale buys from Saturday they were £20 and something totally new to me, I can't wait to pair them in different outfits to see what they go with! The dolly shoe's were also a bit of steal as they were £5 in the Outfit sale! Bargain! They could substitute the leopard print loafers on my wish-list so looks like the tan ones are mine!

So as I mentioned my shopping trip yesterday wasn't most satisfying and I'm disappointed to say that I didn't really get anything off my wish-list! I think I'll stick to online shopping from now on, I seem to find more things I like on the 'net! I did find a blazer I wanted bad in H&M which was different to the one on my wish list and only £15! But I have a playsuit which I had for Christmas to exchange and forgot to take it with me! Might pop into town on Sunday and remember to take the playsuit this time, I will get that blazer! Cardiff is normally pretty good for shopping but nothing really caught my eye. Disappointing seems I actually have money to spend on clothes, it's always the way! A quiet night is on the cards for me as the first week back to uni' has totally drained me! Will post tomorrow explaining my weekend plans and clothes dilema...



  1. This outfit is so nice! Looks lovely. That headband was a steal! xx

  2. love that cardigan, most importantly the necklace is soooo cool! hahaha I'm a sucker for strange necklaces, my strangest one is my cookie dough ice cream necklace hahahha x

  3. Thank you! I know, was pretty excited when I found it!♥

    Thanks, certainly got my wear out of it! Oh cool!(: I'm more of a ring girl but this necklace caught my eye(:♥

  4. i love your owl necklace! but most of all, i love that hair wrap-up. is it just a scarf you tied? you should definitely post a how-to! so chic.

    happy to have stumbled upon your blog. always looking for great new follows.


  5. Thank you! It's an elasticated headband with extra fabric to wrap around(: I have a scarf I wear like this too but I have fine hair and it easily slips off and moves about a bit! That's a good suggestion might just do that!(: Thank you so much!(:♥


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