Sunday, 9 January 2011

Whether it's black stars, black hearts, I'm feeling it...

Afternoon bloggers! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Mine was a bit quiet in all fairness but I suppose a weekend in every now and again never hurt! It was payday Friday (finally!) and I treated myself to a few bits for putting up with being skinters for the past couple of weeks. I bought a few pieces from the sales but will save them for an outfit post as a photo' of them folded isn't very exciting! I didn't buy much from the sales this year; I don't know whether it's because I worked the sales and know what it's like on the other side or that they just weren't that good? Thankfully they are slowly disappearing from the shop floors making room for the new spring lines. Some have come into work already and I must say I'm liking what I see! I think I might write a post on my must buys for the season to act as my wishlist. These must buys might have to wait as I have made a considerable dent in my wage already (but student loan goes through tomorrow, woo!). A trip to Hobby Craft did not help this money matter either! I ended up treating myself to some new sewing necessities...

A sewing box! I've been needing a sewing box since I started uni' in October!  I've been using the glittery case that came with my GHD straighteners to hold all my sewing tools since starting. I mentioned needing one in my Christmas present post and now I have one that matches my cupcake pin cushion! I bought it for £35.99 (can't find it on the site to link it sorry!) which I think is worth it! I love the pink inside, ah I'm such a girl!ha. It's nice and clean and new and will stay that way!

A wrist pincushion! (excuse my dry, patchy skin!) I've been after one of these for ages but all the only one's I could find was in the form of tomato's! I then came across this when looking for a sewing box. I also treated myself to some new glass head pins which you can also see in the photo'. I'm pretty happy with my kit now but am going to London a week Tuesday so expect I will find something in the Morplan store that I will just need

I've been a little moany this week. First about my hair, (thanks for your comments btw!) and now my make-up! Not to worry though, I think I have found a resolution to this problem and will fill you in in a few days when my delivery comes! I'm going to go get myself prepped for my first day back to uni' now, have a nice evening...


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