Sunday, 3 July 2011


Random photo' from me fooling around with the macro in my garden again eheh

001. Loving the weather this weekend again! It's amazing how a little bit of sunshine can improve your mood so much! I've had a quiet weekend to make up to a full week at work. I've worked 25 hours in the space of 4 days which is quite the shock to the system when you're used to working 8 hours a week like me! I suppose it will all be worth it come pay day(:

002. Friday after work I spend a hour on the phone to the tax office to try and sort out my rebate. I've been in my job for nearly a year now & they are still charging me emergency tax, so annoying! But after 40 minutes of hold music it's all sorted, woo! I have 10 months of tax coming back to me in a few weeks which means I get to treat myself! I'm going to use a fair bit of the money to buy myself a new sewing machine, (proud of myself for being so practical!) but the rest is mine to blow...

003. Lately I've been slightly addicted to bloggers YouTube channels/vlogs. I love reading blogs but I find the way that the person behind the blog comes across in the videos really entertaining & I seem to grow to love the blog more! So I've decided to have a little go myself one day next week to see if I have the knack.

004. I've had a little spending spree over the last couple of days in the River Island sale. I've decided this is what I'll talk about in my attempt at a vlog & will follow it up with a little post to share with you all my bargain goodies! I'll need to wait until my online order & new battery for my camera arrives before it goes ahead. Also It'll have to be after I have my roots done; they are 'ugeee at the moment & making me feel quite depressed! It's crazy how your hair can affect your mood so much! Hope you guys have all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend! It's BBQ time at the mol's now, omnomnom...

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