Sunday, 17 July 2011


001. So I've had quite a mundane week consisting of mainly working. Today however is my daddy's birthday so we did celebrate by going for a few local drinks last night. It was nice to have a casual night out. We had a mini pub crawl across the mountain stopping in the pubs to test out the home made cider, lethal I tell you! We ended the night at home eating chilli & watching Dynamo the magician, so random!

002. Today has consisted of chilling out & adding millions of items to my eBay watch list ready for pay-day Friday! I've been eyeing up everything from new extensions & false eyelashes to a new sewing machine. I can't wait to get my hands on some spare cash after having to be good with my money for the past couple of months. A trip to Primark is definitely on the cards for Friday morning! I'm also thinking of really treating myself and losing my MAC virginity.. I need help from all you MAC experts; if you was to suggest me to buy one item what would it be?

003. I was quite shocked when catching up with a few blogs this morning to see a few people write about their bad reaction to Garnier's Summer Body gradual tanning lotion. I've used this product quite regularly over the past couple of years with no problems so it really surprised me to see the volume of people who have had such a bad reaction to it! If you haven't read about it yet check out Lauren'sHannah's blog posts.

004. Time to continue on with my lazy Sunday! Finding Nemo, eBay browsing & munchies, ahh! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend(:...

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