Thursday, 28 July 2011


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Already one of my style crushes, Olivia Palermo is fast becoming my number one hair love. I've been growing out a bob for around a year now but because of the layered & feathered style I had, it's taking what feels like forever! I came across the first image whilst googling hair styles the other day & fell in love! I love everything; the cut, the colour, the styling! The longest of my hair is probably nearly the right length for this style, however my layers are well above my jaw line. I'd have to buy extensions for this look to work but I think only half a head would be needed, which you can get for as little as £15! I've been um-ing & ah-ing about going darker for a while now but Olivia having the same dark eyes & brows has me slightly convinced that wouldn't look that bad. I really love this long bob cut but what do you guys think?...


  1. Huge style crush- I love her! She is such a beaut. You should defo go darker, it's not too hard to get back to lighter if you didn't like it- though I do think you will love it! x

  2. Gosh I love her hair too, she has it coloured so nice too!

    Eda ♥

  3. She's just perfect!ha, I think you've convinced me! Just need to man up & buy the dye now!|:ha xx ps love your blog & your hair!ha xx

    It's completely perfect, mine would never turn out like this!aha xx


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