Wednesday, 6 July 2011


All from missguided.

I'm a big lover of super high heels. My obsession with shoes isn't quite as bad as my short fixation but I think it could be getting there! Most people have already noticed the major increase of gorgeous clothes on but I think the shoes are hugely over looked. It's fair to say that if I had the money to spare all of these shoes (and probably more!) would be mine! They have the majority of these styles in the traditional black & nude but I'm just loving bright, colourful everything at the moment! I know block colours aren't breaking news but I think the sunshine makes this trend so much more exciting. I'm thinking of treating myself next pay day but maybe choosing only one pair would be a little difficult? I think I'm probably swaying towards the pink or orange wedges, sooo pretty. Have any of you bought any shoes recently from missguided? Would love to hear your opinion on the quality, actual height & colour of these shoes before I do invest(:

I'm on a bit of a roll with bad luck at the moment. My most recent episode involved getting a lovely parking ticket after work yesterday! It's safe to say I was in a rather vile mood after that (hence not posting). I have managed to cheer myself up today though; as the wise Noah & The Whale sing 'LIFEGOESON'! I am really hopeful that that was the end of my unlucky streak, time for change and some good luck me thinks! Have any of you guys suffered from unfortunate luck lately?...

NB. This was scheduled to go up this evening but my bad luck struck again and it didn't actually post grr... 


  1. I would like the whole top row please!! My friends have a few of the wedges from Missguided and they LOVE them, I'm a giant and would be far too tall in them :(

  2. The lime green wedges are gorgeous and would look fan with a tan! I'll take them all please! xo

  3. I prefer the wedge heels as well!:D That's good to hear! Aw I'm tall too, I'm 5f8 so always heads above my friends when we go out but I love heels too much to care!aha. Couldn't agree more!:D xx


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