Friday, 15 July 2011


All jeans - Dorothy Perkins - £30

It's depressing me slightly seeing the autumn/winter clothes slowly creeping their way in to the shops. I don't mind the odd chelsea boot or cardigan, but wooly hats & scarves, really?! These jeans on the other hand remind me that it is in fact July and actually the peak of our summer! You might have picked up on me banging on about the colour blocking trend lately, I apologise but I've fallen head over heels for it! I have had my eye on a pair of these for a while & with a pay packet full of over-time coming my way next Friday I think it may be time to invest! Dorothy Perkins have a crazy amount of coloured jeans on their website at the moment I counted at least twenty different colours! Some of the colours are quite out there too, I've stuck the the pastel colours as I'm not quite that brave! I do expect the colours will be less saturated IRL though so will have to check them out in store instead of ordering online. I do love the lilac & turquoise pairs though; I think they'd look amazing with a white silky vest, pop colour jewellery & chunky wedges. Ah roll on pay-day, what do you guys make of these jeans?...

NB. Blogger has wash the colour out of my attached image so for a truer colour of the jeans just click the Dorothy Perkins link(:

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  1. I love coloured jeans!! Currently living in my red pair. Check asda, my local one had loads of different colours in for under a tenner xx


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