Sunday, 24 July 2011


Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

001. Around this time last year I was located on the beach pictured above with the boyfriend, soaking in the gorgeous Egyptian sun. What I would do to be there right now. Damn you part-time, minimum wage job! Look how blue the sea is! (Almost as blue as I'm feeling looking at this photo' right now)..

002. Anyways after another quiet week in rainy, old Wales I cannot wait for a night out with my besties tomorrow! I'm planning on spending my Sunday evening apply fake tan & choosing an outfit. I'm hoping to wear one of my many new pairs of shorts but no idea which ones! I sometimes prefer going out for a student night instead of the weekend as you don't have to get overly dressed which can sometimes be a hassle. Also the alcohol is majorly cheap which is always a good thing!

003. On a sourer note, the news about Amy Winehouse is so shocking. Such a shame that her addiction got the better of her, she was a truly talented artist. Also not forgetting the poor people in Norway. Yesterday was filled with bad news. My thoughts are with all those who have suffered a loss...

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