Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Models Own BlooBoo

This is probably my most favourite nail varnish ever! I mentioned it loads of times on here but I think that's simply because I wear it so often! I am wearing false nail in the photograph above; I bought them on eBay, 600 nails for £3.60, bargain! I think people overlook eBay for cosmetic items but I buy all sorts on there including eyelashes & hair extensions for a fraction of the price you'd pay anywhere else. I may have to do a little post on my best eBay buys! The nail polish is such a gorgeous colour & definitely a summer shade. I'm rarely seen with out a layer of fake tan & love the way it looks on. I am wearing two coats which creates a really dense colour, literally have nothing but good things to say about this nail varnish! I've noticed Barry M have recently released a similar shade 'Blue Moon' so would like to get my hands on it to give it a go! Anyone else a lover of this colour?...


  1. Love that nail varnish, i'd love to see an ebay beauty post from you I'm trying to find a good nail art kit set to buy from ebay x

  2. I've just bought Barry M's Blue Moon. It's gorgeous, pretty much the same as the one you're wearing, and my current favourite too! It really stands out and looks great with a tan.


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