Thursday, 30 June 2011


As an employee, the River Island sale is currently the bane of my life. It took the majority of people who work in my store SIX hours to set it all up Wednesday night. I didn't get home to bed until 2am only to be awoken by my alarm at 6:30 this morning for my 8am shift! It's fair to say I feel and look like death after 14 hours of work & only 4 hours sleep! On the flip side this is probably the best sale we've had; especially if you was one of those lucky few who managed to nab one of those 50% off wristbands, very lucky! I've had a little online splurge as I couldn't bring myself to shop in store after being elbowed, nudged & run over by prams all day! Will share more once the items have arrived(: I'm working again tomorrow & Saturday so apologises in advance for a poor week of blogging; just as I was getting into the swing of things too, daym! Now I need some of mamma mol's chilli & an early night! Did you guys manage to get your hands on any bargains today?...

NB. Although I am an employee at RI I am an independent blogger & writing about the sale because I thought it was worthy of a post, not because of any other reason. Just to clarify as I noticed I mention them a lot, my baaad!!

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