Monday, 6 June 2011


I apologize greatly for my recent absence from the blogging world. I now however have no excuses as I've officially finished my first year in university and boy has it flown by! I spent last weekend in Liverpool for a hen party celebration. It came at the perfect time to blow off some steam after a few weeks of total stress. I didn't take that many photo's on the weekend but the ones it did aren't really suitable to share on the big ol' world wide web and as the saying goes, what goes on tour stays on tour(; Between the all day drinking and madness I did find time to have a little retail therapy and to be fair the shops in Liverpool can't be faulted! They are hugeee and very glam, I was very impressed with what the scouse Primarni had to offer and these are what I came home with...

001 - Sleeveless denim jacket . 002 - Zig-Zag vest . 003 - Floral Shorts . 004 - Platform Heels

I walked out of the shop a very happy girl! I've been looking for a sleeveless denim jacket for a while and for £12 I couldn't really leave it there! The vest is just something I can throw on and will go with almost anything. The shorts were on sale, yes in Primark! I had them for £5 and could easily dress them up to go out or wear them casual in this lovely weather we've been having lately. And last but certainly not least my babies! These heels were only £12!! They're super high and a nude colour which makes my legs look very long. Just need a night out to wear them now! Have you guys found any gems in Primark lately?

P.S. You may start noticing some changes in my blog, now that I have the time I want to make it as best as I can so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. how much do I love them shoes? HOT. I've been looking for decent nude shoes everywhere but they're all patent!

  2. they're my babies!!ha. I was about to buy patent ones then found these, happy mol'!aha xx


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