Thursday, 16 June 2011


Yesterday I went to see Take That in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Being totally honest this music isn't usually my cup of tea but once you see them in concert you will realise that it doesn't even matter! They're probably the best band to see live; their voices are spot on and the atmosphere was amazing!! We got quite close to them too, the pictures don't really do the night justice at all but I thought I'd share with you guys anyway! If any of you reading this are going to see this concert you will not be disappointed! The only down side/funny side to a Take That concert is probably the hardcore fans; I had a middle aged man screaming every word to the songs in my ear through the whole concert, he even had a little dance routine going on at one point! CRINGE! Even though Robbie Williams definitely added to the concert this year, the Circus tour in 2009 was better in my opinion. There was some amazing parts to this concert though, including; a giant waterfall, huge robot, human chess set, flames, fireworks, confetti and loads more!  I had these tickets for Christmas and had been looking forward to it since so it's weird that it's all over now. The next concert I have planned is Adele in September but might have to get tickets for something in the summer.

Anyways back to reality! This weekend is free listing on eBay so being the bargain hunter that I am, I'm going to take full advantage of this offer! Today I'm taking some photo's of some of the many clothes that I wish to sell. I'm going to put them up Saturday/Sunday (depending on how long it takes me!) and then will share the link with you guys so you can maybe grab yourself a bargain! I'm only going to sell the things I would buy myself and most of my things are like new! Back to sorting through my millions of dresses...

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