Monday, 13 June 2011


Orange denim shorts - River Island - £24.99

I've come to realise I am a bit of a short fanatic. When sorting out my wardrobe I noticed how many pairs I actually own and lets just say it's pushing excessive! I'm putting myself on a short shopping ban as there are other items of clothing out there to be bought! Due to this ban, work at the moment is torture. Now River Island isn't necessarily my fave high street store but working there has made me slightly bias. Theses shorts have been screaming 'BUY ME!' since they came in a few weeks ago, they're perfect! Coral is one of my favourite colours at the moment and they just look so summery. After my attempt at dip dying the other day I have the dying bug. I also have a pair of white jeans that need revamping, now all I need is some fabric dye and the DIY can go ahead. First to decide between Goldfish Orange or Flamingo Pink...


  1. These are cuteeeeee! I love River Island clothes, such a pretty colour xxx

  2. Great post, read this and felt like you was reading my mind!! I too didn't realise how many shorts i had until i started packing to move house!
    I love these shorts, we still haven't got them in at work yet though. Instead we have the also goregous pink jeans that everyone has been going crazy for, still haven't got round to getting mine yet though! :)


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